Unified Contact & Communication

FTL’s unified contact and communication solution is a robust platform designed to streamline communication channels and elevate customer interactions for businesses. Our comprehensive suite of features, including IP PBX, ICR, IVR, CRM integration, call analytics, reporting, recording, monitoring, collaboration, and management, empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences, optimize communication workflows, and supercharge their customer service operations. By leveraging our solution’s extensive capabilities, businesses can boost customer satisfaction, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Multi-Channel IP-PBX Communication: Our solution seamlessly integrates various communication channels, including phone calls, emails, live chat, social media, and SMS, into a unified platform. This enables businesses to efficiently manage and respond to customer inquiries and interactions across multiple channels, ensuring a consistent and seamless experience.

Intelligent Call Routing: With intelligent call routing capabilities, our solution efficiently directs incoming calls to the appropriate departments or agents based on predefined rules. By ensuring that customers are connected to the right person who can address their needs effectively, businesses can enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction.

CRM Integration: Our unified contact and communication solution seamlessly integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, providing real-time access to customer information and interaction history. This empowers agents with valuable insights, enabling them to deliver personalized and context-aware support to customers, ultimately fostering stronger customer relationships.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Our solution incorporates IVR functionality, enabling customers to navigate self-service options using voice or keypad inputs. IVR systems efficiently handle routine inquiries and perform basic transactions, freeing up agents’ time for more complex customer interactions.

Call Analytics and Reporting: With comprehensive call analytics and reporting capabilities, our solution provides businesses with valuable insights into call volumes, wait times, call durations, and agent performance. These analytics empower businesses to optimize resource allocation, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency.

Call Recording and Quality Monitoring: Our solution offers robust call recording and quality monitoring features, allowing businesses to review and analyze customer interactions for training purposes, compliance monitoring, and quality assurance. By maintaining service standards and improving agent performance, businesses can consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Collaboration and Presence Management: Our solution includes powerful collaboration tools, such as instant messaging, presence indicators, and team collaboration spaces. These tools foster seamless communication and collaboration among agents and teams, facilitating quicker problem resolution and enhancing internal communication dynamics.

With FTL’s unified contact and communication solution, businesses can revolutionize their communication practices, deliver exceptional customer service, and unlock their full potential in the digital landscape. Experience the power of our advanced features and reap the rewards of enhanced customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, and sustained business growth.