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Fakir Technologies is a provider of IT consulting, hardware and software development services. We have helped organizations and companies improve business performance & enhance their competitiveness.

Enterprise Solution

Energy Storage

Ensuring Sustainable Business Growth

Ensuring Sustainable Business Growth

We are Empowering Business through AIoT

We are Empowering Business through AIoT

Uninterrupted Power Backup with Performance

Uninterrupted Power Backup with Performance

What We’re Offering

Dealing in all Professional IT Services

We offers a full-cycle software development services that meet varied business requirements from IT strategy consulting to the end-to-end development of scalable solutions.

Energy Storage & Conversion Solution

Efficient energy storage and conversion for uninterrupted power supply.

Enterprise Server & Storage

Powerful server and storage solutions for enterprise-level data management for the clients.

Cloud & Virtualization

Streamline operations with cloud and virtualization for scalable, flexible, and efficient IT infrastructure management.

Enterprise Network

Secure and scalable networking solutions for seamless connectivity and optimized communication in enterprises.

IT Services & Management

Comprehensive IT services and management for streamlined operations and productivity.

Infrastructure Security & Management Solution

For the enhanced protection and efficiency.

Structure Cabling Solution

Efficient structured cabling solution for reliable network connectivity.

Off the Shelf Software

Ready-to-use software solutions for immediate implementation and enhanced productivity.

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Our Completed Projects

Improve & Enhance Our Tech Projects

There are various successful projects from FTL to the end-to-end development of scalable solutions made by our creative and experienced IT professionals.

We’re here to help to grow your business.

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