Data Center Infrastructure

FTL’s data center infrastructure solution offers a comprehensive and robust framework to support the efficient and secure operation of enterprise organizations’ data centers. We understand the critical importance of a reliable and efficient data center infrastructure. Our solution is meticulously designed to provide a scalable, secure, and high-performance environment for your IT systems, allowing you to focus on core business objectives while ensuring the availability and integrity of your data and applications.

Power and Cooling Systems: Our solution incorporates state-of-the-art power distribution units (PDUs), uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems, and precision cooling units. These systems are specifically engineered for high availability and energy efficiency, ensuring a reliable and controlled environment for your data center. By optimizing equipment performance and longevity, they contribute to the overall efficiency of your operations.

Rack and Cabinet Solutions: We offer a range of rack and cabinet options designed to house and organize your IT infrastructure seamlessly. Our racks are equipped with features such as cable management, airflow optimization, and scalability, simplifying the installation and maintenance of servers, switches, storage devices, and network equipment.

Physical Security: The FTL data center infrastructure solution incorporates robust physical security measures to protect your critical assets. Our comprehensive approach includes access control systems, video surveillance, environmental monitoring, and intrusion detection systems. These security features work together to safeguard your data center against unauthorized access, theft, and environmental threats.

Fire-Fighting Solution: Fire Detection Systems: Our solution integrates advanced fire detection systems, including smoke detectors, heat sensors, and flame detectors. These systems are strategically placed throughout the data center to quickly identify any signs of fire or smoke.

Early Warning and Alarm Systems: Upon detecting a fire or smoke, our solution triggers early warning and alarm systems, instantly alerting data center staff and relevant authorities. These alarms can be seamlessly integrated with building management systems or security operations centers, facilitating prompt response and action.

Fire Suppression Systems: FTL provides state-of-the-art fire suppression systems specifically designed for data centers. These systems utilize advanced technologies, such as gas-based suppression agents, to swiftly extinguish fires without causing harm to equipment or leaving behind residue. Highly effective in suppressing fires, they minimize damage to critical infrastructure.

Emergency Response Planning: Our DC fire-fighting solution includes the development of comprehensive emergency response plans tailored to your data center. These plans outline specific procedures, evacuation routes, and communication protocols, ensuring a swift and coordinated response in the event of a fire emergency.

Environmental Monitoring Systems: Our solution incorporates environmental monitoring hardware consisting of sensors and devices that continuously monitor factors such as temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke, and air quality. By sending alerts and notifications to data center operators upon detecting abnormal conditions, these systems enable timely actions to prevent potential issues.

Data Center Certification: FTL provides data center certification services, where a data center facility undergoes evaluation and assessment by a third-party organization, such as Uptime or EPI. This certification verifies the data center’s adherence to specific industry standards and best practices. Certification offers assurance to clients, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies that the data center meets criteria related to reliability, security, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

With FTL’s data center infrastructure solution, you can trust that your data center is equipped with the highest standards of reliability, security, and efficiency. Our comprehensive offering ensures the seamless operation of your IT systems while providing the necessary measures to protect your valuable assets. Experience peace of mind knowing that your data center is backed by FTL’s expertise and commitment to excellence.